The game that never dies.

Play the world's number 1

online action game

Download Now!installer for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 Torrent Filethe fastest way of download

More than 50 000 maps.

were developed since 1999,

you will never play all of them!

Download Now!installer for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

In Counter-Strike you can...

camp with AWP

In Counter-Strike you can...

blow up crates

In Counter-Strike you can...

kill zombies

In Counter-Strike you can...

fap on hostages ;-)

Download Counter-Strike 1.6

Download CS 1.6 now! Counter-Strike isn't just a game, it's a phenomenon. The Half-Life mod created by two college students became the world's number 1 free online action game. During its long history CS 1.6 passed more then 10 versions, more then 50 000 game levels and dozen of gameplay modifications were created, hundreds of championships were carried out. Despite of existence of newer game versions on modern engines (CS:Source and CS:GO), the CS 1.6 was never truly surpassed. Hundreds thousands of players, thousands of servers all over the world nowadays and dozens of CS 1.6 client downloads hourly. Counter-Strike 1.6 will remain the once and future king of multiplayer shooters. Read More ›

General information about game clients

You had wasted quite much time while searching for good Counter-Strike client? Counter-Strike is distributed by different websites in the Internet, some of them require payments for downloads, another provide you old buggy versions from the previous decade. So, why is it better to download from our site? By downloading CS 1.6 client builds from our site, you get a lot of advantages:

  • Activity. All our builds contain big variety of game servers with different mods: classic, public, deathmatch, zombie etc. We choose the best servers with avesome uptime, that constantly have players. You will not be bored!
  • Security. All builds are protected from slowhacking, spam, viruses, game destroyer and other slag distributed by some game servers. You will not be injured, also you will not find such servers in the search.
  • Speed. We provide high-speed downloads without advertisement, captchas, sms typical for file junk yards. We recommend you to download the game via BitTorrent client, but use direct link if you don't know what does Torrent mean :)
  • Quality. We host only high quality builds made by our team specially for you. You may choose one of the builds that you like. They are made using different versions of the game binaries, so you may feel the physics that you used to feel. You may choose the graphical interface of the game between classic and any custom theme. If something goes not work, please write us immediately.
  • Compatibility. Using our game client, you will be able to join all game servers (both protocol 48 and protocol 47) except the servers that are protected by password or limiting connections to only Steam clients.
  • Internationality. Our game client is translared into more then 25 languages, the sound dubbing is localized for more then 10 languages. You may choose the language during installation process.

All of our CS 1.6 builds contain listenserver with bots which you may run locally ("New game" menu item). We guarantee the quality of all builds you may download here, without a shadow of a doubt.

Counter-Strike 1.6 System Requirements

Despite the fact that first versions of Counter-Strike were successfully played under Windows 98 on old Pentium 3 CPU, nowadays computers are much more powerful and system requirements for CS 1.6 are a bit higher.

Recommended system requirements:

  • OS Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11
  • 800 MHz CPU
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • 32 Mb video with manufacturer driver installed, not default from Microsoft!
  • Mouse, Keyboard, Sound card, Internet Connection (obviously)

Feel free to install and launch Counter-Strike at any available computer, it must work. In the worst case (if your computer has no OpenGL-compatible video card driver installed, or hardware acceleration is disabled) the game will start in the software rendering mode, that looks like low-quality video, so first take care about installation of the correct video card drivers. Most of players prefer OpenGL mode over Direct3D, because it is faster. However, sometimes D3D is better under Windows 8 and 10 - you may try to change it using Options - Video tab. You can play with bots in case you have no Internet connection.